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Please pay attention to the following messages.

We do not open our prices to the public, but to serious retailers only, and every item has its MOQ requirement.

To know the prices of all our products online, please get registered first.

For all the new and potential customers, who would like to check our prices online,  a private business e-mail address is needed for registration and for our review. We do not accept e-mail addresses by using public domain, such as: XXX AT Hotmail.com  OR XXX AT Yahoo.com or any other.

We will review your application information and a notification message will be send out to you within 24 hours after approval.  You will be able to log in with your registered e-mail address and password after approval.

For faster approval, if possible, please send a separate e-mail to the address: sales@robotelectron.com by the message containing the personal name and business e-mail address.

Whenever you want to check our prices while placing an order, you should always log in first.